PL propagation in North America was initiated thanks to the efforts of members who relocated from Japan to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hawaii in the mid 1950’s, and membership started to steadily grow. Back then, since there were no ministers assigned to North America yet, the members received the PL teachings via mail and publications with the assistance of the “Chihouka” (Out Reach Department of PL Headquarters in Japan), and held services and meetings at members’ homes.

In 1958, the Church of Perfect Liberty was officially registered as a non-profit religious organization in the United States.

On June 7, 1960, the first minister who was officially assigned to North America arrived into the United States. This minister brought three Omitamas (PL prayer symbols blessed by the patriarch of PL, Oshieoya-sama) from Japan. One was for the PL North American Headquarters, and the other two were for Los Angeles Church, and San Francisco Church where the pioneer members resided.

Thanks to the devotion and dedication by many members and ministers over the years, today, there are six churches in North America (Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, Ottawa and San Francisco) servicing and assisting members across the United States and Canada.