Illnesses or Physical Problems

If we bend our fingers back too far, of course they will hurt. The pain is a warning sign telling us that if we bend them back any further, our fingers will break. The same goes for when we are hungry. Hunger pain is a sign that we need to eat food in order to sustain our lives. In this way, pain is uncomfortable, but the truth is, we are being protected because we can feel the pain.


PL teaches us that when we are feeling pain or discomfort, that is a warning sign from God telling us that we need to correct our state of mind from being negative to being positive, in order to live our lives the way they are intended to be lived. Getting sick is not “bad luck.” There is a reason why we become ill. And if we are able to learn why and what to do about it, our lives can change for the better in a big way. PL can teach you how to have the correct state of mind so you can live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.