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Life is art.

Human beings realize life's true beauty, charm and
meaning only when they live an artistic life.

Then, what is an artistic life?

It is to freely express our own individuality in all our
life's pursuits. Our true individuality, however, cannot be
expressed to the highest degree unless we are completely
free of egoistic interest and selfish gains.
We must learn to live with an objective state of mind,
expressing our individuality in the interest and
welfare of all humankind.

We, PL members, hereby declare that we will live an artistic
life, detaching ourselves from egocentricity and express our
individuality in complete freedom and spontaneity.
We, PL members, also declare that it is our duty to propagate
and nourish the teachings of PL throughout the world
and that we shall always make a positive contribution
to the global community.

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