About the Church of Perfect Liberty

Hito-no-Michi Church Main Shrine (1934)

The Church of Perfect Liberty (PL) was established in 1946, but originated as a religious order as Hito-no-Michi, the Way of Humankind, in Japan in 1924. Prior to the Second World War, the Japanese Militarism Government rejected Hito-no-Michi for its teachings about “Individual Freedom and World Peace” and suppressed the church forcing Hito-no-Michi into dissolution.

Today, PL has churches not only in Japan, but in many locations throughout the world. Oshieoya-sama, the Patriarch of PL, reveals the true meaning of human life in the first PL Precept, “Life is Art.” When we express our true selves in everything we do, we will be able to express our full human potential, which is uniquely our own.

Seiden&Sakura - 962X768
The Main Temple and Cherry blossoms in PL Holy Land Japan (Today)

The PL 21 Precepts have been revealed to people all over the world, and if every single person is able to apply the PL 21 Precept in their daily lives, the dream of true World Peace will become a reality.

The purpose of PL is to share the teachings, which have been revealed by Oshieoya, with as many people as possible, and to guide them to live creative and artistic beautiful lives for their own happiness as well as for the happiness of those around them.